Automated Fishing Licencing System

Recreational fishing licences in Alberta are sold either online through AlbertaRELM, or through Private Licence Issuers (e.g, sporting goods stores, convenience stores and gas stations) in communities throughout the province.

Licence Issuers provide the following services:

  • Confirm licence eligibility online
  • Print all licences and tags at the point of sale

This automated system integrates all recreational licensing services, providing improved service to anglers, hunters and licence vendors, while also providing Alberta Environment and Parks with important, up-to-date information about the anglers and hunters in the province.

Sportfishing Licences

All persons sportfishing in Alberta are required to hold an Alberta Sportfishing Licence, except:

  • Youths under 16 years of age
  • Alberta residents aged 65 and older
  • Native Indian people

Licence Fees for Residents and Non-Residents:

Licence fees are based on where an angler lives. Anglers are classified as either Residents or Non-residents.

Resident: A Resident is a person whose primary home is in Canada, and is either a Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant or has lived in Canada for the immediately preceding 12 months.
Non-residents: A Non-resident is a person who does not live in Canada.

Fees for Sportfishing Licences in Alberta

The following table lists the fees for sportfishing licences in Alberta. Fees are in Canadian dollars and do not include the five percent federal Goods and Services Tax.

Before purchasing any licence, a person must hold a valid Wildlife Identification Number (WIN). You can apply for your number at the same time you purchase your licence.

Licence Holder

Sportfishing Licence Cost Special Fish Harvest Licence*
Walleye (Class A)
Walleye (Class B)
Walleye (Class C)
Alberta Resident
16-64 years of age $28.00 $11.00
Age 65 or older No licence required $11.00
Youth (less than 16 years) No licence required $11.00
Canadian Resident from outside Alberta
Age 16 or older $28.00
Youth (less than 16 years) No licence required  
Non-Resident from outside Canada
Age 16 and older    
Annual $70.90  
Limited (5-day) $47.63  
Limited (1-day) $28.00  
Youth (less than 16 years) No licence required  
  No licence required* No licence required*
*Indians are not required to obtain a Special Fish Harvest Licence or tag their catch. Size limits will be specified and enforced.
Lost/destroyed licences
Licences purchased at a licence issuer can be reprinted at any licence issuer for a $2.00 fee. Licences purchased online can be reprinted online at no charge.
Lost/destroyed tags
Tags issued by Licence Issuers can be reprinted at any Licence Issuer for a $4.00 fee. A replacement tag(s) for a licence purchased online can be replaced at no charge. You are required to bring your licence to a district office. In both cases you must complete a statutory declaration to authorize the replacement.

*Available only through a draw. For more information:

A portion of the cost of each licence is distributed as follows:

  • Alberta Conservation Association

    Finances the Fisheries Habitat Development Program, the Fisheries Management Enhancement Program and the Enhanced Fish Stocking Program

  • General revenue
  • Licence transaction fee

Competitive Licencing Events

If you are organizing a competitive fishing event (e.g., a derby or tournament) with more than 25 participants, you will need an event licence. For more information on event licences, see:

Purchasing a Licence

Recreational fishing licences are available for purchase at Licence Issuers or online at:

To buy a special walleye licence online that requires a tag(s), you must have a pre-numbered Government of Alberta paper tag & wire before you begin your purchase. Tags are available free of charge at Fish and Wildlife District Offices.

For more information on where to purchase a licence or Wildlife Identification (WIN) card in Alberta, see:

For more information about fishing in Alberta, visit:

Updated: Sep 15, 2016